Traffic Builder develops for you custom web based solutions and provides web designing, SEO and social media marketing services using extensive experience and technical expertise we have with clients from various business sectors. We strive to satisfy your requirements and help you translate your perception into working software solution

Our state-of-the-art environment coupled with a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals experienced in all the latest tools, technologies & methodologies of software development provide an efficient and cost effective resource for your organization making Traffic Builder an ideal choice as your all the IT needs.

Our clients look to us as a Complete “IT solution provider” in that we become partners in their process of defining and implementing strategic IT objectives.
Traffic Builder is able to deliver real business value in this process because of our service philosophy — we are committed to facilitating our customers in overcoming all, even the seemingly insurmountable, challenges. We provide such value by developing customized, efficient, timely, and economical solutions to the client’s challenges.

The world is shifting from traditional to techno savvy. More & more companies are now getting furnished with advance technology & IT services. Information Technology companies are also flourishing high because of the increased need of software development services. And this is the main cause that Software Development services are booming.

Moreover the whole world is now shifting to the concepts of paperless office and Software Development is playing main role in accomplishing this goal.

Most of the times when Search Engine Marketing is misunderstood as Search Engine Optimization, the whole marketing plan shrinks and the desired results remain unattained. The way out of this is to better understand Search Engine Marketing and to figure out the focusing point of it. What exactly to focus on while designing an SEM plan for a website entirely depends on the nature of website along with basic components of SEM. These components though same in all cases but vary in concentration level depending on the niche and the desired results.

Typically companies do not want their unique content to be downloaded and reused for unauthorized purposes. As a result, they don’t expose all data via a consumable API or other easily accessible resource. Scraper bots, on the other hand, are interested in getting website data regardless of any attempt at limiting access. As a result, a cat-and-mouse game exists between web scraping bots and various content protection strategies, with each trying to outmaneuver the other.


At TrafficBuilder.biz, we offer professional website and graphics design , website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website maintenance . You may outsource Customized Solutions projects and software development projects to Traffic Builder with ease of mind. Once we take up a project, we go above and beyond to make sure it fulfills our client’s expectations. PHP Web Development, ASP.Net Web Development, ASP Web Development, Flash Scripting is our forte of influence.


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The idea is simple, to make use of Technology in a way to boost your business. We believe in development of a mutually productive and professional relationship besides providing specific solutions. Whether you are looking forward to establishing a new presence on the web or keen to revamp your current image, Traffic Builder will be your proactive partner, we can help you to reach your ultimate goal with ease and joy.

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